• Non-profit

    Our work with non-profits includes:

    Funding and Advocacy Support

    Stakeholder Engagement

    Strategy Development

    Capacity and Capability Building

  • Government Engagement Program

    FPL Advisory helps non-profit and community organisations in uncertain or changing environments clarify their strategic goals and potential risks, and engage with government decision makers to secure funding and advocacy outcomes. We have developed a tailored offering for non-profit and community organisations to help them achieve their advocacy and funding goals


    Needs Analysis

    • Clarify your organisation’s strategic goals, including short and long term advocacy and funding needs

    Stakeholder Map

    • Identify and map government decision makers tailored to your organisation’s strategic goals

    Stakeholder Engagement Support and Advice

    • Develop a plan for government engagement that outlines the key messages for decision makers and the timing for each engagement
    • Provide advice to support the engagement program
    • Deliver capability building workshop for senior staff

    FPL Advisory also provides advice and support on special projects including policy analysis, stakeholder engagement implementation, project engagement, business case development and thought leadership.

    2018/19 Victorian State Budget - Implications for the Community Sector

    FPL Advisory is hosting a seminar to unpack the details of the 2018/19 Victorian State Budget and implications for the community sector.


    This seminar will address:

    • What do the budget initiatives mean for the Government’s focus in the community sector over the coming year?
    • What are the budget gaps, and what does this mean for your organisation?
    • What is it likely to mean for the upcoming election?
    • What is the Opposition reaction?
    • Where should you focus your efforts to engage the Government?
    • What is the timeline for key Government decisions about funding priorities?

    Attendees will come out of the session with an understanding of the breakdown of priority areas for the Government and be informed on what they need to do to progress their advocacy and funding objectives. This seminar is limited to 15 participants to allow opportunity for discussion and Q&A.


    Register here before 1st May 2018

  • Industry Associations

    Our work with Industry Associations includes:

    Research and Analysis

    Capacity and Capability Training

    Stakeholder Engagement

  • Strategy and program support

    FPL Advisory supports clients across where the intersection of government, change and gap exists. We offer a senior level of support on project or reform activities where a capacity or capability gap may exist due to the size of an organisation or the pace of change. With our experience working across external, departmental and Executive government stakeholders, we bring a strategic view with the project delivery nous to help drive programs forward. Depending on the specific situation, we offer a range of services and support to help progress ambitious timelines and provide assistance to ensure all key stakeholders are managed through these processes.

    Trusted Advisor Function

    Through our Trusted Advisor service offering, FPL Advisory supports organisations on a range of policy, stakeholder engagement and other reforms. We do this by offering a strategic oversight which considers all perspectives, risk factors and potential issues early. Through our many years of experience dealing with Executive, Departmental and Agency personnel, we bring a firm yet respectful reality check to a range of issues.


    We support organisations to maximise their opportunities by aligning these with Departmental and Executive Government expectations. By acting as a trusted advisor, we provide a level of confidence through access to a skilled support resource available to advise, support and head-off problems.

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