• Corporate Sector

    Our work with the Corporate Sector includes:

    Policy and Legislation

    Stakeholder Engagement

    Research and Analysis

    Strategy Development

    Capacity and Capability Building


  • Project and strategy management


    FPL Advisory supports corporate clients on a range of strategic business development and engagement functions. Taking the role of a trusted advisor, we provide critical strategic oversight for significant projects or during times of extensive change, which considers all perspectives, risk factors and potential issues early. Through our many years of experience dealing with Executive, Departmental and Agency personnel, we bring a firm yet respectful reality check to a range of issues. By acting as a trusted advisor, we provide a level of confidence through access to a skilled support resource available to advise, align actions and head off problems.

    Developing and advancing policy


    FPL Advisory supports corporate clients to understand, develop and promote their role within their industry and advance their strategic priorities with all levels of government. Our key areas of focus are:

    • Raising the profile of the client as a key stakeholder in their industry through policy positions and relevant government submissions.
    • Supporting activity that advances the client’s position and demonstrates policy leadership
    • Identifying opportunities to partner with government on relevant projects


    Whilst supporting clients to understand the process and protocols for policy reform, we ensure that the objectives align with departmental and executive priorities and expectations. We make sure work is only put into those activities that stack up with central decision makers and realistic and achievable outcomes are factored into decision making. In addition, we maintain an awareness of emerging issues and new government policies and opportunities to enable appropriate management and response where relevant.

    Government stakeholder management


    FPL Advisory leverages our experience, current footprint and knowledge of State and Federal Government jurisdictions to map and advise on who the key personnel/organisations are for a relevant project or activity and how to deal with them. We take a clear project management approach to matters across the full suite of government engagement.


    FPL Advisory’s system of stakeholder management review and development has been designed to assist Corporate Affairs teams to:

    • Independently audit their current engagement structures
    • Assess communications collateral through the lens of government stakeholders
    • Build capacity with new team members or through the wider organisation
    • Plan and deliver a strategic engagement project.

    Developing capacity and capability through wider business understanding of ‘Corporate Affairs’ function


    FPL Advisory supports corporate affairs and communications teams by developing an appreciation for, and understanding of, their role within the wider business through the rollout of regular workshops. Our team provides a unique perspective on the issues that can arise from a lack of appreciation for the function of the Corporate Affairs in ensuring business development in the wider context.


    One of our most sought-after workshops focuses on providing context to the Corporate Affairs role and how this relates to, without diminishing, the responsibilities of all staff in achieving successful government engagement, covering topics including:

    • The roles of Executive Government, Departments and other Agencies
    • How Corporate Affairs and Communications supports business outcomes
    • Understanding the broader dynamic and protocols to make everyone’s job easier
    • Working with the Corporate Affairs and Communications team
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