• Government Partnerships

    With so many government grant and incentive programs, it’s hard to know where limited personnel and resources should be directed for maximum value. The Government Partnership suite helps you to get in early and bring stakeholders along the journey, ensuring you maximise opportunities that can make a significant difference.


    For overworked and under-resourced corporate affairs teams, there isn’t always the time to fully explore issues that a company has identified. Our approach to research leaves no stone unturned and seeks to uncover enough information about the issues facing you and your team to build a picture of the challenges and opportunities you face.

    Situational Analysis

    When a team is already working closely on an issue, it can be difficult to take a step and see the whole picture. We take an independent view of an ongoing project to uncover hidden issues making sure small issues don’t snowball into bigger ones later and maximise the present opportunities.

    Position Development

    Companies and thought leaders are expected to take a stance on major issues that affect them. Our approach takes into account various stakeholder (and shareholder) needs and merges that with the subject matter expertise of the company creating a sound public position that will allow them to push the agenda on matters that affect them.


    Government departments are significant procurers of goods and services, and ensuring that your company is front of mind for these services can have significant benefits for future earnings. We guide you through the process of recognition, certification and tendering that allows you to deliver government projects in the future and build the capacity and capability of your brand with respect to public sector work.

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