• Policy Analysis

    Whether you are seeking policy or legislative change, or where change is occurring that could affect you, the Policy Analysis suite supports you to analyse how and why change occurs, the appetite for change within a broader environment, and ensures your efforts are targeted where they will achieve the most impact.

    Policy Analysis

    Whenever change occurs new opportunities and threats arise that must be factored into future decision making. FPL provides a systematic assessment of a new component of strategy, project development or problem or policy change that is or may occur and provides a robust evidentiary basis to inform further decision making.

    Situational Analysis

    Recognising that change does not occur in a vacuum, it is important to assess the wider environment and understand the broad factors that provide risk and opportunity to moving forward. We independently assess the issues by challenging existing assumptions, position and the state of play to validate a future plan of action.

    Position Development

    In developing a final position, it is important to translate your opinions into a clear stance, to test that within existing frameworks and systems and to ensure that it is a declarative statement that uses a blend of policy instruments to further your goal. We analyse position statements to understand the associated risks reducing the chance of criticism or unforeseen consequence of ad hoc policy.

    Opportunities Assessment

    Before you can get to grips with an issue you need to know where the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats are. Our approach is to break an issue down into the different parts that must be understood, consider the relationships between them and any ancillary issues, and present a clear picture of the issue at hand to inform a business response.

    Policy Reform

    The policy process can be long, convoluted and ambiguous. By helping leaders to assess where they want to go and what is achievable, we can map out a path forward and inform the process to get there.

    Policy Submission

    Organisations are usually expected to comment on government inquiries that affect their industry. Without a clear strategy, you risk not being heard or being misunderstood. We work with you to bring together an understanding of business and the strategic and operational environment to create a balanced and practical submission for you to place.

    Regulation or Legislation Reform

    When a reform process is underway and legislation or regulation is likely to change in the future, leaders can quickly come under pressure to adapt to or guide the reform in advance of implementation. We help you to understand legislative and regulatory processes and barriers so that you can see what changes to make or how best to adapt to new circumstances.

    Business Case

    The process of developing and deciding on a preferred solution to a key issue can make it hard to step back and review the final option in its entirety. We conduct an independent review of the likely costs and resources involved, including considering opportunity cost, to present a clear and detailed view of the pros and cons of proceeding with a given option.

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