• Public Sector

    Our work with the Public Sector includes:

    Stakeholder Engagement

    Capacity and Capability Building

    Research and Analysis

    Strategy Development

    Trusted Advisor Support

  • Trusted Advisor Function


    Through our public sector Trusted Advisor service offering, FPL Advisory supports departments, agencies and statutory authorities on a range of policy, stakeholder engagement and other reforms. We do this by offering a strategic oversight which considers all perspectives, risk factors and potential issues early. Through our many years of experience dealing with Executive, Departmental and Agency personnel, we bring a firm yet respectful reality check to a range of issues.


    We support the agencies on their policy, communications/stakeholder and reform activities and ensure it aligns with Departmental and Executive Government expectations. By acting as a trusted advisor, we provide a level of confidence through access to a skilled support resource available to advise, align actions and head-off problems.

    Capacity and Capability Training


    FPL Advisory builds capability within organisations through the rollout of regular training sessions and workshops. Our team provides a unique perspective to address issues that arise where junior and mid-level staff, whom often have a specific field of expertise, lack an understanding of the roles within the wider government context.


    One of our most sought-after workshops focuses on providing context to public sector staff about their function and role as it relates to Executive Government, other departments and the delivery of the public good covering topics including:

    • Operating as an apolitical organisation in an inherently political environment
    • The roles of Ministerial staff and advisors
    • Understanding the broader dynamic and protocols to make everyone’s job easier.


    Whilst our range of workshops are tailored to suit the agency or business unit, our experience shows the most successful formats are usually:

    • Facilitated by our senior personnel, with 20 years of experience dealing with a range of government stakeholders
    • Around 1.5 – 2 hours in duration
    • Limited to 12-15 participants to maximise engagement and interaction
    • Include pre-work for participants provided in advance to maximise engagement
    • An informal yet structured style to allow for discussion and to encourage participants to test assumptions in a trusted environment.
  • Local Government

    Government Stakeholder Engagement Suite

    FPL Advisory has distilled down our years of experience and current footprint and knowledge of State and Federal Government jurisdictions to develop an affordable, scalable and effective modular system to set a clear path for improving government engagement.


    FPL Advisory’s modular system of review, analysis, training and development has been designed to assist local government, non-profits and industry associations and includes:

    • Stakeholder Audit Module
    • Stakeholder Communications Collateral Analysis Module
    • Engagement Capacity Building Module
    • Stakeholder Engagement Planning and Support Module


    Whilst each module builds on its predecessor, modules can be undertaken independently. Each module is delivered at a fixed cost to provide an affordable means to secure advice and support from our experienced team.

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