• Stakeholder Engagement

    The Stakeholder Engagement suite supports you to assess, improve and reset your relationships with government stakeholders. Building meaningful relationships and mutual understanding ensures that you are informed about change that may affect you.

    Stakeholder Map

    No organisation operates in a static environment, so it is important to identify all key stakeholders that could make or influence decisions affecting your business. FPL provides a comprehensive map of stakeholders across operational and policy lines that will provide you with a ‘point in time’ assessment of organisations and personnel of relevance.

    Stakeholder Audit

    To manage the reputation of your business you need to understand your touchpoints and engagement with stakeholders. We assist you to assess the relationships between you and your government stakeholders, consider these in the context of best practice, identify gaps and provide recommendations for reform.

    Decision Making Insights Workshop

    This workshop provides a structured approach to building capability across the organisation, particularly at operational levels, in understanding key aspects of government (executive and departmental) decision making. We tailor the workshop to the organisation and include implications for individual roles and a clear narrative on how to assist corporate affairs functions in delivering government audiences.

    Engagement Resourcing

    Successful engagement requires an understanding of stakeholder needs and priorities, coupled with a clear position and purpose of the discussion. We support you to deliver your narrative in a way that will resonate and be of value to each individual stakeholder, maximising the chance of action on your behalf.

    Advocate Training

    Our workshop series aims to build capability and confidence of your advocates to ensure the successful delivery of key messages and maximise engagement with stakeholders. We support our clients to build the tools and resources needed to lead and undertake these important discussions.

    Collateral Review

    Tailoring engagement collateral to meet the needs of a diverse audience can involve a careful balancing act. We assess your key engagement documents under the specific lens of a government audience to test how your key messages are conveyed and provide recommendations to enhance their delivery.

    Communications Strategy

    FPL recognise that media and communications can support a broader approach to stakeholder engagement. We assess and use media and communications in support of long term and complex client strategic objectives. This includes communication of new policy and programs or of corporate values or position through traditional and social media campaign strategy.

    Engagement Delivery

    It is one thing to plan and another to deliver. FPL takes a hard-nosed project management approach to securing engagement activity and supports you throughout the process to achieve your outcomes. Whether on a targeted issue, or taking a softer engagement refreshment approach, our team supports your capacity to manage the process while ensuring you remain front and centre of all activity.

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