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5 Minutes with Allana Ferguson

· Allana Ferguson,Staff Profile
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Allana Ferguson

Risk Analyst

What are you currently reading?

I usually flip through about three books at once since the style of writing or topics I feel like reading change frequently. I’m currently reading the Glass Bead Game by Herman Hesse, The Fifth Risk by Michael Lewis and Carl Jung’s Man and his Symbols.

Can you play any instruments?

The clarinet and saxophone when I was younger, and the piano more recently. I don’t have a piano here in Melbourne, but I like to fiddle with it when I’m back at my parent’s house.

Where is your favourite place in the world?

It’s hard to choose one but the smell of salt from the ocean always makes me nostalgic for the area I grew up in so I’m partial to anywhere I can find that.

If you won the lottery what would you do?

Is it too cliché to say travel? I can’t wait to explore Portugal, Spain and Morocco so they would be first on the list.

What was your first job?

A skipping instructor – I still have no idea how I landed that job. I taught competitive skipping while I was still in high school.

What is something you learned last week?

Last week I attended a conference on risk management in Government. Emerging risk trends from big data to machine learning to climate change are transforming the risk landscape and it was informative to speak to some of the other risk analysts about how their organisation was considering the future implications of these trends.

What skill do you wish you had?

I’m always impressed by people that can sew and alter their own clothes. I enjoy the idea of people being creative with what they already own.

What attracted you to your role?

The exposure to a wide variety of organisations and different people I meet when working on projects. I’m also lucky to have a great team that supports each other and offers diverse insights into these projects.

What is the most unusual thing you do at work?

Working on our Risk Suite – we talk about risk in a unique framework that is useful to organisations on a practical level by both informing strategic decision-making as well as supporting teams in bringing the consideration of risk into the broader organisation.

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