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Case Study: Achieving policy reform

A leading global company sought to actively contribute to achieving policy reform as part of their strategic objectives. FPL Advisory developed a policy solution and helped execute a government engagement strategy to successfully achieve meaningful and lasting reform.


As a long term client of FPL Advisory, the global firm had developed strong and positive relationships with state and federal governments in Australia, and as part of its mission it proactively prosecuted a positive policy agenda and sought out opportunities to partner with government wherever possible.

Working closely with the company’s Corporate Affairs team, we supported their advocacy efforts with government stakeholders to positively contribute to policy issues and identified areas of concern. Seeking meaningful reform was a core objective to help demonstrate the company’s commitment and leadership to the industry and its broader community.


Priority policy areas were investigated on an ongoing basis and the legislative and regulatory environments were explored to uncover opportunities and avenues for reform. Through the process, a particular policy issue was identified for further review.

FPL Advisory conducted in-depth policy research to understand all the factors at play and to uncover what, if any, solutions were possible or available to achieve reform in this space. A cross-jurisdictional analysis was undertaken which highlighted the reform’s opportunity and need, adding weight and credibility to its argument. Through this process a solution was identified and the regulatory process to reform was mapped out. Support was then provided to enable the company to deliver a targeted government engagement campaign to highlight not only the need for reform but also the regulatory solution required.


Meetings with the department and political stakeholders led to acknowledgement of the issue in Parliament, followed by a commitment from political stakeholders to it being reviewed. FPL Advisory continued offering support in the review process through drafting submissions and ensuring the company was engaged throughout the consultation process. This review has since led to the desired regulatory change being introduced and the organisation championing its advocacy efforts in achieving reform.

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