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Case Study: Building internal capability and understanding of government within government

FPL Advisory was engaged to support a state government agency in developing internal capability and clarity in their roles and functions with respect to broader government.


A state government agency was seeking to develop a greater understanding of the relationship between the agency and the broader state government in order to support staff in their daily functions and how they relate to high level government objectives. Staff within government organisations are hired for their specific expertise but, particularly if they are new to the public sector, they can feel lost in navigating the wider government context. FPL Advisory was engaged to provide clarity and build capability across the agency by unpacking and providing insight on some of the complexities of government decision-making through tailored small-group sessions.


FPL Advisory provided an outline of our general approach to these workshops including the types of insights we provide into government relationships and decision-making. We worked with the agency to tailor the sessions to target their specific needs and issues as well as to understand the specific make up of each group.

The workshops focused on the characteristics specific to each group (operations, strategy, communications) but generally provided an understanding of:

  • The broader machinery of government and internal mechanisms and processes
  • The layout of government and differences between politics and department
  • The relationship between a Minister, Advisors, Departments and Agencies
  • Where urgent requests come from, timeframes and how to manage them
  • How to provide concise briefing material what information needs to be included and what can be left out
  • Other tools and approaches for effective communication
  • Specific queries, questions and problems the individuals were facing or seeking to understand.


Our active and engaging style delivered with humour and real-life examples created an open environment where participants could ask questions and learn from our experience and mistakes and from our current and independent insights into public sector trends. Feedback from the sessions indicated that they were highly valued across all knowledge levels with those new to government getting a much better understanding of their role and function and those with more experience being able to refresh their knowledge as well as contribute to the broader discussion.

As a result of the workshop delivery, staff within the agency have a much better understanding of their roles as well as the roles and function of the government engagement team and the relationships between the agencies decision-makers, broader government and the relevant Minister.

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