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Case Study: Communications Strategy Review

A statutory authority engaged FPL Advisory to review its communications strategy during its establishment phase following the introduction of a new state government regulatory scheme. With many dependencies and a looming election, the Implementation Team required a sweeping engagement approach that included all necessary types of communication activities and potential stakeholder concerns to be considered.


During the establishment phase of a statutory authority that was tasked with rolling out a new state regulatory scheme, a number of activities required a phasing approach to implementation in order to meed tight deadlines. Considering the overlapping workstreams and dependencies at play that exposed the Implementation Team to a certain degree of risk during, and beyond the establishment of the Authority, the team required a review of their Communications and Stakeholder Engagement strategy to identify potential risk mitigation strategies.


FPL Advisory reviewed a comprehensive stakeholder engagement plan that sought to meet the tight deadlines for the establishment of the Authority to begin operations. With a focus on building a strong foundation of engagement, the review enabled the Implementation Team to incorporate several further considerations outside of the identified project risks to respond to emerging issues in their relevant policy space.


The Implementation Team was able to commence their comprehensive strategy following the adoption of FPL’s recommendations to mitigate the additional project risks. This created internal buy-in for the broader organisation to rollout the Authority and communicated the value of the implementation phasing approach regardless of tight deadlines, while also ensuring external stakeholders considerations were addressed.

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