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Case Study: Covering communications capability gaps

A financial public sector agency was seeking to develop internal capacity and capability in stakeholder engagement and build profile to position the organisation ahead of future reform.


The agency identified the need to strategically assess their functionality and service offering in order to meet changing external demands and provide quality service delivery in a modern era. Recognising that this would be an extensive and transformational process they understood the need to engage broadly with internal, government and other stakeholders and identified an internal capability gap to undertake an extensive engagement process.


FPL Advisory were engaged to support the organisation in their transition to a more active stakeholder engagement program. We delivered this through three key streams. The first was to provide training for key personnel to build capacity and capability for stakeholder engagement activity in the short term, as well as to support ongoing development and comfort in managing complex and uncomfortable communications. The second was to review and update existing stakeholder tools and and planned engagement activities including identifying priority stakeholders and providing advice on what, when and how to engage with them. Building on this framework the final approach was to outline the core capabilities required to manage delivery of the program into the future for the purpose of recruiting an internal resource.


As a result of this approach, key personnel were more confident in their approach to engaging with a range of stakeholders and recruited an internal resource to manage and coordinate stakeholder engagement through the program. FPL Advisory covered the short term capability gap but also provided advice on the long term requirements for the organisation to effectively recruit and manage the program in-house. With the internal resource and key engagement framework in place, the agency delivered a comprehensive government engagement program.

FPL Advisory supports clients across many industry sectors to resolve risks, create opportunities and support government engagement.