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Case Study: Legislative Review

A Victorian non-profit, industry association who have been a client of FPL for over a decade, sought our assistance to engage in a legislative review. If introduced, the reforms could see significant changes to the organisation’s sector.



The organisation identified an upcoming review of legislation that would have a major impact across their industry sector. Ten years prior when this legislation was last reviewed by the State government, FPL Advisory had assisted in the completion of the organisation’s submission. The previous submission, backed by the strong, collective voice of the sector, helped to ensure that the restrictive amendments were not implemented into policy.



FPL reviewed our previous submission and engaged in a thorough research process, analysing the suggested legislative amendments, that due to a sunset clause, were set to replace the existing regulations. In a report, we highlighted key features of the new review, scrutinising the language and assessing the legal and compliance burden that the proposed amendments would have to the sector, the organisation and its member groups. We also provided a historical overview and detailed other relevant major changes to ensure the organisation had access to important information and the full context to inform with decision to respond to the legislative review.



The report allowed the organisation to quickly come up to speed on what was happening, why, and the potential impacts. This ensured they had the information needed for their leadership to quickly decide whether they would seek to submit a response to the review on behalf of their members as well as a clear explanation of the changes which could also be used in engaging with their membership base.. As the reform process developed, a number of other industry voices stepped up and the organisation chose, based on the information provided, to allow these voices to lead the campaign. Ultimately the reforms did not take place as a whole with only a small number of changes made. Through the rapid period of change the organisation were well-equipped and positioned to make decisions in response to other actors in the sector and having clarity on their environment ensured they were confident in their decisions.

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