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Case Study: Local Government Advocacy Collateral

A Local Government Authority was seeking to transition their Annual Report into a valuable advocacy tool to support a range of communication and engagement opportunities.


While Local Government Annual Reports perform an important compliance function, their key successes and achievements are often lost in the detail of the report. The Local Government sought to transition the content of the report into a format that demonstrates successful partnerships and future opportunities with the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments. FPL Advisory was engaged to quickly transition their annual report into an advocacy tool.


We provided a tailored Annual Report review service to support the Local Government client to identify and highlight key messages that were relevant to broader government in order to derive additional benefit from the Annual Report. As part of the Annual Report development process, once the content had been drafted and before a formal copywriting process had commenced, we reviewed the report’s narrative from a Commonwealth and Victorian Government perspective and made recommendations about key language and messages to highlight. We then used the report to develop content for a succinct and clear one page overview, highlighting the Local Government’s success throughout the year as an accompaniment to the distribution of the Annual Report and to support their direct advocacy engagement.


The review and identification process was based on our understanding of Commonwealth and State Government priorities and focus. The Local Government client was able to use the language identified for inclusion in the one pager as a key guiding tool for a range of other communications they developed. In addition, they used the one-pager to provide a digestible overview for government stakeholders to quickly understand the client’s position and needs without having to read the whole report. It developed a new engagement channel that provided a foundation for ongoing relationships with departmental and political stakeholders.

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