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Case Study: Office Accommodation Feasibility Study

A non-profit members services organisation engaged FPL Advisory to provide an accommodation feasibility study to determine possible options for future office accommodation that would meet the growing needs of the organisation and related partners.


The organisation identified that the current office space no longer effectively met the organisational needs and had the potential to impact on effectiveness into the future. The arrangement of shared spaces and limited offices did not reflect employee needs for privacy and access to modern technology and were not able to accommodate expected growth. This was having a material impact on the organisations ability to provide the necessary services and support.


FPL undertook an accommodation feasibility project, critically examining spatial requirements, financial investment availability and current market conditions. We used this to present an assessment of potential and viable accommodation avenues with an emphasis on exploring the possibility of property acquisition as this was the desired outcome of the organisation. We developed questions and assessment parameters across internal layout, location and amenity and produced surveys to assist in engagement from staff. FPL constructed a Needs Analysis which assessed key requirements of the organisation in terms of office accommodation (location, size, future utility) and a Cost Benefit Analysis which explored financially viable options across the acquisition, relocation, refurbishment and leasing approach.


As a result of the accommodation feasibility study the organisation was able to consider several viable options they could consider into the future. With the information presented in the final report, the organisation was able to consider an alternative approach to developing an asset base to support their financial sustainability in the long term. Through the process we uncovered a number of important areas for focus that would allow the organisation to align accommodation requirements against future strategic direction and member servicing needs.

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