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Case Study: Realising data asset value ​

A multinational consumer vehicle fleet operator had ownership of a rich and growing data set of vehicle usage information. After learning of the comprehensive datasets being collected daily, FPL was of the view that this data would be of significant value to policy makers and we were engaged to test this assumption.


Our client had access to a trove of integrated data going back a number of years. This presented opportunities for data-driven policymaking across a number of portfolios including road safety and tourism. Seeking to uncover whether this could serve as an asset to drive a new growth area in the business in the Australian context, FPL determined the appropriate approach was to explore the utility of this data and subsequent commercial partnership opportunities with a single state government jurisdiction as a precursor to exploring future opportunities in other government jurisdictions.


FPL conducted a detailed research program concurrently with an informed market testing process via a stakeholder outreach program to integrate a pragmatic understanding of the data and industry trends with the needs of potential users within a number of government agencies.


The project culminated in the presentation of a final report which concluded that there was significant value in exploring the government market for this data. The client was able to use the findings internally to make an informed case for future investment and action. We identified potential public sector users of the data, established lines of communication, developed ideas for future data collection and bolstered the client’s corporate knowledge of the government policy and procurement environment. This allowed them to consider a strategic commercial decision on future activity within that state government context and outlined the significant potential opportunities across Australian government markets.

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