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Case Study: Strategic Plan Renewal

A peak industry body engaged FPL Advisory to assist them to evaluate and renew their strategic organisational vision in line with a changing political and cultural environment as part of the drafting and discovery process behind developing a new Strategic Plan.


The industry body sought to develop a new Strategic Plan to take effect at the expiration of their former Strategic Plan. They recognised that this was an opportunity for reflection on their purpose and mission and that coupling this with an assessment of their recent projects could inform a renewed set of deliverables and strategic organisational goals. Specifically, and central to the refocused strategic plan, they emphasised the need to redefine organisational values and principals in consultation with their members.


Following extensive review of the previous plan, FPL established that the organisation’s strategic direction had not changed drastically but had in fact evolved providing an opportunity to realign and enhance the former plan but not to significantly alter the organisation’s core principles. We then sought to confirm this change alongside new perceptions of the role and status of the organisation with key government departments and stakeholders. These stakeholders were central to understanding the perceptions of the peak body at a government level, and in the context of continuing to maximise government funding opportunities. These steps were crucial to gain insight into how the company could continue to evolve, demonstrate leadership and deliver vital services to its members.


As a result of the Strategic Plan project, the organisation were able to better articulate their future goals and priorities, as well as clarify their core functions and understand the value they provide to government. Given the organisation’s established legacy, history and success as a peak body the new Strategic Plan was a high-level guiding document aligned with the existing strategic direction and the long-term mission, values and purpose where they remained fit for purpose. The process articulated the organisation’s desire for continual improvement to ensure it remains responsive to members, financially sustainable and strongly positioned with stakeholders into the future. Redefining a new Strategic Plan was an opportunity to achieve this and create a key advocacy and engagement tool for the organisation in the years to come.

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