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Case Study: Supporting federal and state government collaboration

FPL Advisory supported a Federal Government agency to demonstrate thought leadership and develop stronger relationships with state government agencies.


The Board of a Federal Government agency identified a need to build profile with relevant state government organisations, to demonstrate thought leadership and to support relevant information sharing across government. Specifically, a range of new and relevant modelling had been undertaken that would provide a vital informational resource for other agencies and this coincided with a desire to build a stronger relationship with these agencies. As a long standing support resource, FPL Advisory was requested to provide a plan and approach to engaging with the appropriate state government organisations within this sensitive and complex area.


We worked with the agency to develop a clear engagement plan which included identifying the relevant contacts and the key policy frame for the engagement with a focus on ensuring we created a collaborative environment where the agencies could learn from each other rather than one way information flow. In addition to managing the engagement coordination, we attended as a support resource to identify opportunities for future collaboration and as advice for future thought leadership opportunities.


As a result of the engagement program, the agency built profile and rapport with several key state agencies and demonstrated thought leadership and collaboration. They were invited to attend several important events and to be involved in key policy programs within the agencies including speaking at state conferences. During the program, the agency provided key information to support decision-making within the state government agencies and were able to better understand their key issues and opportunities for further support. The success of this engagement led to the program being expanded to other states.

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