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Case Study: Translating complex policy into actionable engagement

A global company was seeking public funding for one of its products in the Australian market that aligned with several government policy positions. As a result of barriers to engagement on the matter, they sought to change the conversation across the sector as a foundation for changing decision-making and securing funding.


A global company was facing challenges with respect to public funding for one of its key products and was developing a policy paper to support ongoing discussion around the broader implications of public funding in the sector. FPL Advisory was engaged to assess the policy paper while considering a range of policy issues and government stakeholders including decision-makers, influencers and broader audiences likely to engage in the discussion.


We provided a comprehensive point in time assessment of relevant stakeholders across operational and policy lines and a situational analysis covering the company’s existing relationship with business and their understanding of the specific policy area as well as an overview of their key policy priorities to ensure that messaging and engagement was targeted, relevant to their needs and would resonate.

We reviewed the paper from a range of perspectives including policy strength, strategic priorities, stakeholder and campaign positioning. In addition, we provided editing and broader narrative recommendations and provided advice on internal alterations to the paper as well as repurposing the paper into a range of content formats to support development of engagement collateral. These messages were refined through a series of workshops with teams across communications, government relations, public relations, policy and subject matter experts to find common agreement points as a foundation for an integrated approach across all external activities.


The paper gained traction with a number of audiences and supported critical conversations with key decision-makers by providing narrative that resonated with them and incited action.

FPL Advisory supports clients across many industry sectors to resolve risks, create opportunities and support government engagement.