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Case Study: Coordinating Communications

A unit within a State Government Department identified the need to coordinate communications across a number of different programs which were scheduled for delivery at the same time across regional Victoria. A unifying approach to the individual communications plans was needed to ensure that the interrelationships between projects were understood and that the project communications did not cut across each other.


A series of different but related regional and rural projects were being prepared for delivery by a unit within a State Government Department. These projects each had relevant communications plans, but due to the connections between the projects and the timelines for implementation, these plans had significant overlap in terms of the audience, messaging and channels. FPL Advisory was engaged to develop an overarching communications strategy to complement and align the to existing detailed communications plans for each initiative. A key element of this strategy was recognising that despite the programs being operationally separate for the unit, from a community perspective they would be seen as a collective. This meant messaging across the projects needed to be consistent and consider the range of activity underway.


FPL undertook a detailed situational analysis to understand the history, objectives, target audience and any issues for each of the disparate programs and the community involved. We then used this to develop a cohesive narrative across the programs including developing a specific brand and key messages that supported the individual program objectives while referencing the broader activity.


The project culminated in the presentation of a detailed communications strategy that referenced and aligned to the existing program-based strategies. In developing the plan, we worked with each of the program units to understand their communications purpose and ensure that this was reflected in the final strategy. As a result of this planning, a more unified and connected narrative was presented to the community.

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