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Case Study: Organisational Structure Review

Following a period of growth and projecting this trend to continue, a Victorian member-based organisation engaged FPL Advisory to complete an assessment of the current structural and resourcing requirements the organisation and identify any changes needed to support their immediate and longer-term strategic goals.


The organisation identified that their current resourcing and roles had been developed over time in response to ongoing changes and recognised the need to assess whether they were still fit for purpose and aligned with their future activity and growth. In particular, they saw potential communications and advocacy capability gaps and sought build capacity and efficiency in their current staff as well as increasing their workforce without creating too much internal change and disruption.


FPL undertook an Organisational Structure Review that explored the organisation’s current staffing arrangements and considered how to prioritise resource allocation for the immediate needs of the organisation while taking into considering their medium-longer term strategic reform and growth goals. We conducted interviews with key management personnel to develop a well-informed background on staff, systems and members and presented a number of key considerations in regard to membership options for the organisation and the ways in which the creation of new roles would enable greater support and enhance the capacity of senior resources.


As a result of the Review, the organisation was able to make an informed decision on how to best improve their management structure and create more defined roles within existing teams that continued to promote collaboration and accountability.

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