• Changes in government decision-making and the continual evolution of policy and programs creates uncertainty. The FPL Advisory Risk Suite focuses on creating and protecting value, continual improvement, inclusion of stakeholders and leadership as the key drivers of risk management to ensure it is integrated into all organisational activities.

    Risk Insights

    Government decision making impacts different sectors, in different ways, at different times. Our expanding register of insights gives you a unique perspective on the macro risks that can come from this decision making.

    Risk Review

    A range of government activities may pose a risk to your daily operations and understanding likely changes and the potential implications is an important first step in managing the associated risk. We provide a comprehensive review of the external environment to identify how government decisions could give rise to risk.

    Risk Planning

    Once risks and opportunities are identified, it is also critical to recognise where and how your efforts are best spent, particularly in the context of your existing governance and operational structure. We provide a comprehensive offering of strategies to lay the foundation for appropriate management of your risks and opportunities.

    Risk Management

    With a solid foundation and the strategies to manage them, additional support may be required in ongoing response and execution. FPL combines the detailed risk review and planning with our strong project management and stakeholder engagement skills to support you across longer term risk management .

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