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    We have or currently support clients across the spectrum including not-for-profit bodies, listed firms, privately held companies, government agencies and industry associations. Our case studies provide further detail on some specific activities we have undertaken.

    Research and Analysis

    Industry Association Productivity Commission Inquiry

    Federal Government


    FPL Advisory was engaged to assist a leading retail industry association understand the impact of distorting taxation arrangements for international online transactions. The analysis indicated a significant and rapidly growing price gap exposing a lack of tax neutrality that penalised onshore retailers, both bricks and mortar and online. We assisted in identifying and expanding related parties to the campaign under a broad umbrella group of like-minded small retailer industry associations and the research piece and accompanying engagement strategy and program yielded a Productivity Commission inquiry to further explore the scale of the problem and to advise on suitable reform.


    This ultimately led to reforms by the Commonwealth Government in June 2017 levelling the playing field for Australian retailers.


    Strategy Development

    Multinational FMCG firm Government Engagement 'Reset'

    Federal Government and State Governments


    FPL Advisory assisted a multinational FMCG firm assess and reset their government engagement priorities and programs across the Federal Government and eastern seaboard State Governments. With an in depth assessment of the current operating profile, existing touch points with government and immediate and long term issues requiring execution, a 12 month strategic framework was developed. This provided a guiding strategy for senior personnel within the firm to adhere to and execute upon the range of government related issues in a consistent and effective manner.


    Policy and Legislation

    Legislative reform to boost agribusiness

    Victorian Government


    FPL Advisory was engaged to assess the appetite and legislative reform required to permit a new crop type in Victoria. Through an analysis of existing legislative options, business case development and strategic engagement with key decision makers, a reform path was developed with government. This ultimately led to new legislation and a new agribusiness opportunity for Victoria.


    Stakeholder Engagement

    Organisational review of key stakeholders

    Federal Government and State Governments


    FPL Advisory assisted a government agency assess and refresh key stakeholders across government, industry and media. Under a new management team with a desire to capture the range of issues and stakeholders relevant to the corporate facing service delivery agency, FPL Advisory undertook a comprehensive review and developed a revised program of engagement. As a result of our support, the agency secured greater profile and awareness amongst key constituencies and established greater policy and operational links with partners.


    Non-Profit Budget Support and Stakeholder Engagement

    Securing Budget funding through development of a solid business case

    State Government


    FPL Advisory worked with a healthcare non-profit organisation to develop and execute a stakeholder engagement plan for government and including Budget advocacy and support.


    FPL Advisory developed the Budget submission documentation and business case for an increase in funding to support the organisation’s health promotion activities. FPL identified the relevant government stakeholders, developed a plan and calendar for effective engagement activity over the medium term. FPL Advisory supported the organisation undertake targeted engagement with government stakeholders across the key portfolio areas, as well as with Government Budget decision makers in the central portfolios.


    As a result, this organisation secured increased funding for their strategic objectives around community health.


    Non-Profit Capability Building

    Training program to build internal advocacy skills

    Federal and State Government


    FPL Advisory worked with a non-profit organisation to deliver training and advice to their senior executives and Board around identifying and engaging with government stakeholders in order to further the organisation’s strategic objectives.


    The purpose of the training was to build capability within the organisation about how to most effectively engage government, which levels at which to engage, and the process and timing of funding decisions.


    As a result, this organisation acquired the knowledge and capability to develop and deliver an ongoing government engagement program to pursue their strategic objectives with government.


    Industry Advocacy Reform

    Developing a new model for industry representation

    State Government


    FPL Advisory was engaged by a State Government department to review the existing fragmented, inefficient and unsustainable model of industry representation across a number of small volunteer and semi-professional industry groups that were supported by the government department.


    Through analysis of the existing issues, a review of best practice models in other sectors and jurisdictions and an assessment of the need and viability of alternative models, a single entity to represent the sector was recommended and subsequently developed.


    FPL Advisory managed the complexities of diverse industry stakeholders and developed a pragmatic new entity that ensured the sector was effectively represented whilst ensuring the investment by the department in the sector was efficient and sustainable.

    Government Incentives

    Securing government financial partnership

    State Government


    FPL Advisory was engaged by a smallgoods manufacturer to identify government partnership opportunities that would underpin the business case for interstate expansion.


    Through preparation of a detailed investment prospectus of the project for a government audience across financials, employment and growth opportunities and development and execution of a comprehensive engagement program with departmental and political stakeholders, in principle support was secured and a funding stream identified.


    Through preparation of detailed submissions to identified funding streams, FPL Advisory secured a major funding investment from State Government and also rare substantial financial support from the relevant Local Government.


    With cornerstone investments by both levels of government, the project was greenlit, construction commenced and new employment opportunities for hundreds of workers created.

  • Case Studies

    We have or currently support clients across the spectrum including not-for-profit bodies, listed firms, privately held companies, government agencies and industry associations. Our case studies provide further detail on some specific activities we have undertaken.

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