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    As trusted advisors, we work closely with the senior level of organisations to provide frank advice, from filling in gaps in knowledge of government decision-making to acting as a sounding board for new or complex ideas.



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    Building meaningful relationships and mutual understanding ensures that you are informed about change that may affect you. Know your stakeholders and own that change.

    Stakeholder Map

    Stakeholder Audit

    Engagement Resourcing

    Advocate Training

    Engagement Delivery

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    How and why are things changing, what is the appetite for change within a broader environment, and how can you target your efforts to achieve most impact? Understanding the state of play is important to achieve your goals.

    Policy Analysis

    Situational Analysis

    Position Development

    Policy Submission

    Regulation/Legislation Reform

    Business Case

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    Strategic communications

    Ineffective, inconsistent or a lack of communication affects an organisation’s ability to proactively influence policy and can impact on your social license to operate. Develop systems to deliver consistent messaging and build the profile of your organisation.

    Communications Strategy

    Corporate Style Guide

    Key Message Development

    Collateral Development/Review

    Major Announcement Advice

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    With so many government grant and incentive programs, it’s hard to know where limited personnel and resources should be directed for maximum value. Get in early and bring stakeholders along the journey with you.


    Financial Sustainability Review

    Funding Partnerships Support

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    Changes in government decision making and the continual evolution of policies and programs creates uncertainty. Ensuring risk management is considered in all organisational activities.

    Risk Insights

    Risk Review

    Risk Planning

    Risk Management

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    FPL Advisory builds capability within organisations through the rollout of regular training sessions and workshops. Our team provides a unique perspective to address issues that arise where staff, whom often have a specific field of expertise, may require a deeper understanding of roles within the wider government context.

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    We welcome the opportunity to discuss new projects and if we feel we can add real value, will then provide a proposal detailing our value proposition for your particular situation