• FPL Advisory builds capability within organisations through the rollout of regular training sessions and workshops. Our team provides a unique perspective to address issues that arise where staff, whom often have a specific field of expertise, may require a deeper understanding of roles within the wider government context.

  • Workshops

    Government 101

    From the outside, government decision-making does not always seem straightforward. Government and its agencies have different drives than commercial business meaning process can appear slow or complex. This workshop is designed to unpack how government makes decisions including the range of drivers that influence the outcomes. From political considerations to the role of media and marginal electorates, you’ll gain insight into identifying potential risks and opportunities in government engagement activities.


    The next Government 101 Workshop will be held on Tuesday, 5 May 2020. Purchase tickets here.


    For more information on who should attend and the learning objectives download the flyer here.



    Government Risk

    Government decision-making, policies and politics is constantly changing, and this creates uncertainty. Whether there is a potential change of government, or new regulations extending compliance goalposts, the risks posed by government impact every organisation. This workshop is designed to give you insight into how you can manage this uncertainty created from government, including decisions that can have a reputational, regulatory, operational or political impact.


    The next Government Risk Workshop will be held on Wednesday, 6 May 2020. Purchase tickets here.


    For more information on who should attend and the learning objectives download the flyer here.



    Register your interest

    If you are interested in attending but unable to attend one of the dates above please email info@fpladvisory.com.au to be kept up to date for future workshop dates.

  • Training

    FPL Advisory offers bespoke training sessions designed specifically to meet the needs of your organisation and the individuals involved. These sessions can be delivered onsite or at our offices in the CBD.


    While we tailor all sessions to the specific organisation, the discussions generally provide an understanding of:

    The broader machinery of government and internal mechanisms and processes

    The layout of government and differences between politics and department

    The relationship between a Minister, Advisors, Departments and Agencies

    Where urgent requests come from, timeframes and how to manage them

    How to provide concise briefing, what information needs to be included and what can be left out

    Other tools and approaches for effective communication


    For more information email info@fpladvisory.com.au

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